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Managing directors: Ralf Böhme, Ingo Neubert

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VAT-ID: DE275297639

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1. According § 8 para. 1 TDG (Germany) VODACO Deutschland GmbH (VODACO) is responsible for the content, it provides for public use. Any liability for material or non-material damages resulting in the use of information prvided on ist website is excluded, unless there is evidence of deliberate intention or neglidence.
2. Texts, Articles and other written material, prepared by a third party, are marked with the name of author. In such case the author or its principal are responsible for the content.
3. According § 8 para. 2 TDG (Germany) VODACO Deutschland GmbH (VODACO) is not obligated to monitor provided or stored information and to investigate for illegitimate acts.
4. VODACO explicitly excludes the adoption of any content, provided on a website, accessable by Hyperlink from this website and, therefore, cannot made liable for their content, integrity, availability. VODACO has no influence on current or future design or content of those sites.

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